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Order Entry


The Order Entry module allows you to enter orders and sales returns and print invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips, and shipping labels. You can track transaction details and sales information on-screen and in printed reports. Order Entry integrates fully with Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable, so you always know your inventory levels and the status of your customer accounts.


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Order Entry Capabilities

  • Increase sales force efficiency and strategic customer management through integration with SageCRM

  • Enter active orders, future orders, standing orders, and quotes

  • Enter orders, shipments, and invoices as separate transactions so you can divide the duties of your personnel

  • Create an order by simply selecting and copying the details of existing customers’ orders

  • Include multiple orders on a single shipment and multiple shipments on a single invoice

  • Ship items with or without first entering an order for those items

  • Send partial shipments to those customers that allow them

  • Edit and invoice partially shipped orders

  • Add new customers on the fly when you enter orders or add the customer records later

  • Assign sales proportionally to as many as five salespeople

  • Use multiple payment schedules and other payment terms defined in Accounts Receivable

  • Use password-controlled override of credit advisories

  • Recall complete invoice information when issuing credit notes

  • Print packing slips, order confirmation, and invoices for selected orders

  • Send packing slips, order confirmations, and invoices by e-mail

  • Set up standard e-mail messages you can automatically send to your customers with their documents

  • Look up customer pricing based on customer contract price, item base price, or discounted or marked-up sales prices

  • Use prices with as many as six decimal places and include taxes in the selling price

  • Automatically determine available item quantities while entering orders

  • Review sales history by customer or inventory item during order and invoice entry

  • Review and reprint customer invoice and credit note transactions, orders, invoices, and credit notes by primary salesperson

  • Easily customize order templates with standard information to speed data entry

  • Set up any number of miscellaneous charges to speed invoicing

  • Specify whole or fractional quantities on orders, if fractional quantities are used in your inventory

  • Enter order quantities using any unit of measure

  • Use customer types on orders that correspond to as many as five markup or discount price levels

  • Track sales commissions from each invoice using as many as five commission rates, based on increasing sales amounts for each salesperson

  • Calculate commissions based on sales amount or margin

  • Include serial numbers (or lot numbers) with order details using optional Serialised Inventory (or Lot Tracking) functionality

Ops Inquiry
Included in the Order Entry module, Ops Inquiry combines several powerful inquiry programs into simplified points of reference. This enables you to easily funnel information and generate reports from the operational data in your Sage 300 (Accpac) Order Entry, Purchase Orders, and Inventory Control modules.
  • Avoid costly inventory shortages or overstocking

  • Target specific customers with effective item promotions by easily tracking sales activities

  • Easily monitor item purchase activity to ensure proper margins are maintained

  • Automatically display item availability and details from Live Desktop, combining the data from your Order Entry and Purchase Orders modules

  • Store and display pictures of inventory items

  • Uncover inventory item details quickly, without having to dig through your Sage 300 (Accpac) data

  • Query the IC History file to quickly audit your transactions

  • Analyze your purchases with PO Inquiry to ensure that you are buying wisely

  • Query your open sales orders and quickly see at a glance if any orders are being held

  • Quickly browse the complete details of any OE Invoice, Order, OE Shipment, or Credit Note

  • View comprehensive inventory availability and get a detailed stock forecast, including quantity on hand, purchase orders with expected arrival dates, and sales orders with expected shipping dates

Ops Inquiry Includes:

  • Item Inquiry

  • Item History Inquiry

  • PO Inquiry

  • OE Invoice Inquiry

  • OE Credit Note Inquiry

  • OE Inquiry

  • Quantity Available Report


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